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E265 – Kute Blackson – You Are A Soul

EPISODE SPONSOR:  CHIKMEDIA CHIKMEDIA is a brand management firm started by award-winning women and they create unforgettable marketing campaigns that blend traditional marketing with truly impactful digital marketing tactics to make your stuff memorable! Their clients start out as brands and they become SUPERSTARS! Are you going to be next? Visit the website.   KUTE … Continued

E243 – Rae Davenport – How a Little Compassion Can Go a Long Way

Rae Davenport was born and raised in New Orleans, LA with an undeniable passion to help others. She has always found herself being a listening ear, a supportive shoulder, or giving an encouraging word to someone in their time of need. She believes in speaking life to those who may have a hard time seeing just … Continued

E222 – Dolores Hirschmann – Speaking Gigs to Boost Your Brand

Dolores Hirschmann is the Director of the STAGE AGENCY for Advance Your Reach. Dolores is an internationally recognized STRATEGIST, COACH and ENTREPRENEUR for over 20 years. She helps clients clarify their “idea worth sharing”, design their communication strategies, and implement business growth systems. Her clients become speakers and authors and take their message to larger … Continued

E209 – Jennifer Love – How Wealth Is So Much More Than Money

Jennifer Love CEO. Entrepreneur. Advisor. Speaker. Contributing Writer.  Jennifer is rated among the top 5% of advisors globally and her mission as a Money Therapist is helping leaders build what she calls TRUE WEALTH. This takes the stress out of the money equation so they can effectively raise, make, manage, and give money IT ALSO creates … Continued

E208 – Brandi Bernoskie – Building Bomb Relationships & Websites

Brandi Bernoskie is a creator, connector, and entrepreneur. She loves pushing the boundaries of conventional thought and practices to help align business owners with their true selves — whether it’s with a website or their business plan. Brandi has taken her love of theatre and training as an actor, and translated that into becoming a … Continued

E203 – Lisa McLeod & Elizabeth Lotardo – Noble Purpose & Driving Profits

Lisa McLeod is an advisor, consultant, and speaker who works with senior executives and sales teams around the world. She is the author of five bestselling books and a sought after speaker known for her authenticity and humor. Lisa’s work has been featured in Forbes, Fortune and The New York Times. Elizabeth Lotardo is a … Continued

E188 – Nate Bailey – Champion Leader Who Interviews Champion Leaders

Nate Bailey is a Speaker, Author, & Coach. His mission in life is to impact men and women who are ready to truly have the life they have always desired. As the Lead Trainer and Lead Coach of the Prosperity Revolution, ManWealth, and Shield Maiden programs, he’s had the honor and pleasure of working with … Continued

E182 – Ryann Watkin – The Happy Moms Episode

Ryann Watkin is a success mentor, happiness expert, professional speaker, and host of The Happy Moms Show—the #1 podcast for moms on a mission to raise a conscious generation of heart-centered, emotionally intelligent, innovative leaders. Ryann believes positive change comes from within and that family life is one of the biggest catalysts for growth. Her … Continued

E176 – Nicole Jardim – How to Be a Great Leader (and write a book!)

Nicole Jardim is a Certified Women’s Health Coach, writer, speaker, mentor, and the creator of Fix Your Period, a series of programs that empower women to reclaim their hormone health using a method that combines evidence-based information with simplicity and sass. Her work has impacted the lives of tens of thousands of women around the world … Continued