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Holiday Gift Guide

The following products and businesses are personal favorites of mine and sourced almost entirely from female founders.  To submit your product,  click here.

I may receive a commission if you purchase something mentioned in this guide. Read the disclaimer for more info.

Gifts For Your Biz

Copy Master Class

Copy Masterclass

Liz Theresa

I created this class only a year or so ago – and it’s still SO GOOD. Copy is the #1 reason people don’t get the sales they should. So instead of paying for Facebook ads that don’t work or giving a random SEO person $600 per month (for what, exactly?), why don’t you start by making your foundation – your website – the traffic CONVERTER – the SALESPERON it’s actually supposed to be?

It starts with your words. You got this!

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Membership to Boston Business Women

Boston Business Women

I’m obsessed with BBW to the point that if they sold tee shirts, I’d have one in every color.

Join the BEST professional group in Boston. Whether you are starting a new business or looking to advance your career, Boston Business Women (BBW) is the place to be for working women and women business owners who want to connect, learn and grow personally and professionally.

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Membership to Milton Scene

Milton Scene

The Milton Scene features daily local news and  events, a directory of recommended local businesses, info about local elections, polls about Town issues, and more! When you partner with them as a small business, you get a ridiculous amount of perks and visibility. Melissa Fassel Dunn, the host of Broad Appeal, is the founder and badass in Chief. You will LOVE working with her!

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Brand Shoot

Mira Whiting Photography

Tired of brand shoots with images of the same basic girl in the same coffee shop, different day? Me too! (I think I’ve been in like 5 shoots like that.) Enter Mira Whiting. Mira takes a personal vested interest in helping her clients have creative and powerful shoots while also making it non-cringey and super fun.

Gifts for Clients

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#FAMEBOSS Bangle Bracelet

Liz Theresa

Being the next big thing requires dressing the part. Channel your inner #FAMEBOSS.

Hand-stamped and handmade in Massachusetts by a fellow woman entrepreneur. One size fits all. Buy it!

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2020 Dumpster Fire Ornament

The Barefoot Blazer

Pretty much sums up 2020 right? This is the perfect gift for friends, coworkers, your mom, secret santa at work, and that cousin who always buys you a gift but you’re just not sure what the heck to get them! I legit bought 10. If you’re my client, you might be getting one! #spoileralert

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Spa Gift Basket

Urban Spice World

It isn’t humanly possible to love a company more than I love Urban Spice World. Founded by Pooja Suchde, they have spices that will knock your socks off your next dish. If your dish was wearing socks, that is! They also make incredible, natural beauty products. Their special Gift Basket includes…

  • Rose bath Salt
  • Rose Sugar Scrub
  • Turmeric Milk Bar 2 Qty
  • Sunflower Basket included
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GB Small Baskets

Ginger Betty's Bakery

Every time I hit up the Marylou’s drivethru, I sheepishly ask if they have any Ginger Betty cookies laying around. If I’m lucky, they say yes – and it’s all I can do to not hide them from my husband and baby. Enjoy these small Ginger Betty baskets filled with Ginger snaps and assorted cookies.

Gifts for Her

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Video Chat Racerback Tank Top

Liz Theresa

Be the hit of your next Zoom call with this cute top. Quarantine in style or send a unique gift to one of your remotely working colleagues.

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Varsity Striped Beanie

The Barefoot Blazer

Fine knit acrylic cuffed beanie with classic striped ribbon. Whether you are going for a trendy designer look, are more patriotic, or wearing pink with a purpose, these beanies are a go-to.  Comfortable, soft, on-trend. Available in red & green, red white & blue, or pink stripes.

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Strawberry Lemonade CBD Gummies

North Organics CBD

These will make you chill the heck out AND taste like candy. North Organic’s CBD Gummies are the perfect combination of flavor and CBD. Each vegan gummy contains 10mg of CBD. Our CBD Gummies are an excellent way to try CBD for the first time or support an existing wellness routine.


Black Is Beautiful Unisex Heart Slip-on Loafer

Kkira Feet

Designed with the intention to celebrate the dynamic beauty that is Black! Made to inspire and empower us to celebrate the glorious beauty of Black bodies everywhere. These Unisex Heart Slip-on Loafers are inspired by the fight for equality in America and to give free expression to Black voices as we demand our right to be seen, heard, and valued. We say it proudly, and unapologetically that Black Lives Matter and no matter what, we will continue to rise.

A portion of the profits made from the sale of this shoe will be donated to organizations that are working to further racial justice and equality in America including the Black Lives Matter Movement.

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"Anguistalobe" Pendant

Chameleon Rose

Working miniature of C.18th instrument to measure the direct path of destiny between specified heavenly bodies. Has 22” Chain. Fine English Pewter & Brass. 2” x 1 1/2”

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SporTobin Fleece Leggings


Gals 2-Panel Fleece Leggings. Available in multiple color and size options. I have legit owned only 3 pairs of these in the past 10 years because the quality is that darn good. Lori Tobin, the founder, is based in Hull and makes a bunch of other great things too. Definitely worth checking out SporTobin!

Gifts for Him

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Video Chat Unisex Tee

Liz Theresa

No more awkward Google Hangouts with this ice breaking tee! Stream in style or send a unique gift to one of your remotely working colleagues.

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CBD Sports Cream

North Organics CBD

Support healthy muscles with North Organics’ CBD Sport Cream. Rub it in before, during or after a workout and keep moving throughout your day. With 400mg of Premium CBD, menthol and camphor, our 4oz pump container is a new gym bag essential. Vegan and THC-free.

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Night Scout LED Hat

Mono Mono Boutique

I bought 3 of these for my favorite men in my life – because I picture dark New England mornings and shoveling driveways. Eek. It is best to be safe. Protect yourself with these gorgeous beanies that come in fun colors and are powered by ultra-bright LEDs, Night Scout products are equipped to light your way from dusk ‘til dawn, providing safe visibility in low-light settings. All items are USB rechargeable for hours of powerful light, and include charging accessories.

Great Books

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Kara Goldin

Don’t let anyone crush your dreams! Whatever you want to achieve, no matter how hard it might seem, you owe it to yourself to read this book.

Undaunted will inspire you to move past your fears and defy the doubters. It doesn’t matter whether you feel confident; it matters what you actually do.

Kara Goldin is the author of this book and the STAR of Episode 200 of the Liz on Biz podcast. She came to fame with the rise of her company, Hint® Water — and this book is incredibly story-driven. We have a lot to learn from Kara’s example.

If You Love Your Family, Save Like It

Nicole Peterkin, CFP®

Imagine knowing for certain when and how your financial goals will be achieved.

Imagine having a plan to build true wealth―while not feeling guilty about how you spend the rest of your money.

Imagine being able to work half as hard at the money game while having twice as much to show for it.

Growing up, Nicole Peterkin saw how her dad, a successful chemical engineer, did all the “right” things and still wasn’t living the kind of lifestyle that his multi-six-figure income could have provided. He loved his family, but he didn’t know how to save like it.

Nicole is now on a mission to help you put your money to work for you and your family. In this book you’ll learn exactly why the conventional wisdom we’ve all been taught doesn’t work anymore, and how to create a strategy for your money so you can achieve your desired lifestyle both today and in the future.

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How to Invest in Real Estate Like a #HOMEGRL

Tiffany Alexy

Are you ready to build your real estate mini-empire?

Are you interested in investing in real estate but don’t know where to start? This book can show you how.

In this book, Tiffany shares what it takes to invest in real estate and what to look for when evaluating and purchasing your first property. She also answers common investing questions such as “Do I need my license to invest in real estate?” and “How do I calculate my return on investment?”

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Ignition Book

Chris Vasiliadis, Priority Wellness

Is chronic “busy-ness” running you into the ground? Instead of constant doing, start being in more engaged, healthy ways. Release society’s busy badge of honor and get ready to love the ripple effects of consistent steady energy!Committed to thrive with multiple sclerosis and galvanized by the professional women she’s met and coached, health coach Chris Vasiliadis has created a unique guide for customizing your path to ignite your energy and avoid burnout. With a supportive, compassionate tone, Chris ushers you through behavior patterns that work for and against you, in fueling yourself to perform at your best

Self-Help & Spirituality

Private Intuitive Reading

Veronica Moya

Veronica is one of the coolest people of all time. If you’re looking to do a Zoom psychic reading with someone who actually cares about you, shows a vested interest, and connects in a deep and authentic way, you need Veronica. It is SO hard to find someone who delivers messages in a succinct, easy to understand way, but also in an empathetic, powerful way that resonates on a soul level. You need her!

Veronica Moya is a psychic healer, intuitive teacher, and meditation coach for young people. She teaches psychic development and meditation classes in person and online. Veronica was featured in Telemundo, E! Entertainment, The New York Times, Wisdom magazine, Cosmopolitan and New Realities. She’s the host of her own podcast, The Intuitive Mind with Veronica Moya, and is working on her first book.

Psychic Reading

Kristina Paige, The Serendipity Place

Psychic Reader, Energy Healer, and Crystal Sales

A way to get some guidance, insight, and enlightenment in your life. The Boston Psychic, Kristina uses her psychic gifts of tuning into energy and spirit to bring forth messages in addition to using tarot and oracle cards. After a reading you will feel uplifted, inspired, and clear. Readings are a great way to turn inwards and work on your higher self.

Intuitive Astrology Reading

Fay Senner, Astrology Heart

Gain a clear understanding of how you fit into the world around you with an in-depth chart reading with Fay Senner, the founder of Astrology Heart. Fay is an astrologer and artist passionate about deep listening and working with the archetypes and planetary energies to intuit the answers to your questions. I personally love Fay as a human and can’t wait to learn more about my gifts with her guidance!

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Erica Lee Medium Session

Erica Lee Medium

Need a medium? I got one of those! Erica Lee is a naturally gifted and highly trained psychic medium offering sessions via Skype as well as in person. I’ve genuinely referred at least 5 people to get a reading with her after I had my reading about a month ago because when you meet someone this amazing, it is impossible to keep it a secret.

Stocking Stuffers

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Zodiac Note Cards

Astrology Heart

Practical notecards for everyday use for to-do lists, thank-you notes, gift cards and much more. Box contains 88 double-sided cards printed in black ink, packaged in a beautiful, sturdy black box. The label is a removable, reusable two-color zodiac sticker! I can’t get over how useful and gorgeous this set is. As someone who writes notes all. the. time, I like choosing designs that inspire and communicate something to the person I’m writing to. I’m a proud Sagittarius — but of course, Fay carries these for all the signs. Check out AstrologyHeart!

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Tassel Keychain with Hands Free Device

The Barefoot Blazer

Keychains with a hands-free tool so you don’t have to touch anything you don’t want to! Elevator buttons, open doors, move items, avoid touching them with your hands!

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North Organics CBD Face Mask

North Organics CBD

It’s time to getaway. Even if for only 30 minutes 🤣 The North Organics CBD Face Mask renews your skin with the nourishing and restorative benefits of CBD. Infused with black licorice and rosemary extracts, their Face Mask combats damage from pollution and restores what daily life takes away from your skin.

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Build a Bag of Barrel Candy!

Barrels of Yum

Looking for some old fashioned candy to sweeten someone’s day? Look no further! Just select a bag size and let us know the flavors you’re craving (up to 4!) and it’ll be delivered straight to your doorsteps. 😋 If you know me and are a client, you should know that Zack, our lead developer, is the founder of Barrels of Yum! And I’ve tasted the candy. Each barrel lasts 7 minutes in your mouth. The flavor in each barrel also lasts the entire time because the candies are spun and not dipped. You will LOVE them!

Treat Yourself

Concierge Bookings & Video Consultations

Elle Medical Aesthetics and Wellness

Medical aesthetics and wellness treatments provided with a holistic approach and ensuring every body- regardless of skin color, body type or gender- looks and feels like their best selves inside and out. Whether it’s some tox and filler or a vitamin infusion, ElleMed is committed to increasing your confidence and supporting you in your journey to ultimate wellness. We come to you for your convenience and also offer services at various pop-up locations.

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Deep red Cape Cod sunset over the ocean Eastham Massachusetts

Mountain Valley Shoppe

Deep Red Cape Cod Sunset over the ocean. Digital download available. Visit Mountain Valley Shoppe on Etsy to see more fantastic photography whether you’re looking to refresh your computer background or dress up that drab wall in your home.

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New Client Virtual 3 Visit Package with Custom Botanicals By Mail

Amy Jo Accardi, Flourish Eternal

Virtual wellness plans and botanicals by mail. Amy Jo has been instrumental in my healing with her acupuncture — and a big part of that is her custom botanicals. Her background and breadth of knowledge between Eastern and Western medicine is impressive to say the least. She is the #1 person I trust with all of my health concerns – so you can trust her too. The first time I worked with AJ, I swear I lost 100 pounds of drama. I can’t recommend her enough.

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Yoga: Beginner's Power Yoga for Weight Loss

Kristin McGee

  • A slow, relaxing and lengthening sequence that focuses on stretching the hips and waist
  • Featured poses: half sun salutation, downward dog, plank, baby inchworm, baby cobra, lunge, upward facing dog, swan dive, triangle pose, half moon, Warrior I, Warrior II
  • Deep focus on proper breathing and stretching technique. Great sequence to unwind.
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Increase Your Confidence Meditation

Veronica Moya

A note from Veronica: This is a meditation that I do every morning. It is meant to inspire you & remind you of your beauty & your power. I put a lot of emphasis on your ability to create beautiful experiences for yourself and your powerful light that shines inside of you.

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Gourmet Gift Basket

Urban Spice World

Give the gift of a Gourmet gift basket from Urban Spice World! This basket is the absolute bomb-diggity because it has all of their best selling, crowd favorites in one delightful bundle. Especially if you’re like me, and an extremely tired gift giver, the fantastic humans at Urban Spice World do the gift-y heavy lifting for you. This is guaranteed to make your foodie friends freak out with excitement!

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A Free Virtual Consult with Lumi Aesthetics

Lumi Aesthetics

The people who work at Lumi are literally saints. I’m obsessed with their entire team and I love the way they do business. I’m telling you right now – they have the ability for you to schedule to do a Zoom. So if you’re shy to aesthetician related services and want to talk to someone who is extremely human, you will love every one there.

Lashes for the Win at Elite Lash Studio

Elite Lash Studio

Founded by the amazing Cherise Morris Moore, Elite Lash Studio is THE place to go for lashes and brows in the Boston area.

Virtual Wardrobe Styling and Closet Design

Trust in Tricia

Confidence is key when it comes to achieving your goals. Tricia is here to help.  She will empower you through fashion so you can feel great and show the world your true potential.

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