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Concept to Creation is my #1 best-selling package for a reason.

Whether you’re just starting out or totally starting over, you’re probably looking for an all-in-one solution to officially make your passion your business. That’s the #1 reason entrepreneurs choose to work with me – I do it all for you.

Since my demand has primarily been for a blend of design and strategy, I created something magical and amazing to fit that need: the Concept to Creation Package. It’s my flagship comprehensive online business package that combines business strategy, copywriting, branding design, website design, and website development.

(Didn’t I tell you it’s all-in-one?!)

If all you have is an idea and the desire to see it realized, then PERFECT. Let’s make it happen. Let’s watch your concept grow into something tangible. Something bigger, better, and more beautiful than you ever thought it could be!

Here’s a 3-part breakdown of what you get…

1. Coaching & Copywriting

  • One month of 1:1 coaching with me (four 60-minute sessions) to write highly converting copy for your website, work on your opt-in gift, and build easy-to-manage business systems.
  • Marketing strategy and business advice from me (milled from my own experience and the lessons of the masters). I tailor our discussions to nurture and support exactly what you’re trying to accomplish.

2. Design That’s 100% Made with Love for You

  • A beautiful, branded and heartfully designed banner/logo to express your personality and capture your idea in a graphic way (to be used on and offline)
  • A client-intake process that helps determine my design choices so I can provide you with a site that is *unlike any other* (no two of my websites are the same). This process involves a survey in which I ask everything from what you do to foods you hate to your favorite color. Your website should showcase your unique personality, not be camouflaged amidst the homepages of countless other entrepreneurs – in this case, different is GOOD!
  • A website designed specifically so your target market knows EXACTLY what to do when they arrive.
  • Don’t have fancy headshots? We offer free retouching of that photo your BFF took of you on her iPhone so it suddenly looks professional.

3. Intuitive & Responsive WordPress Development

  • A custom theme created for you on the WordPress platform so your site is made-for-you and scalable (it will grow with your business.)
  • Nothing we do is stock – it’s entirely unique to you. No two of our websites look the same from the back or the front. What we create will also be easy to work with even for external developers down the road (we don’t try to lock you in!) and is built fully responsive by design.
  • Did I say FULLY-RESPONSIVE (AKA looks good on all devices, no matter what size the next iPhone is!) This part gets me excited, because most developers charge extra for doing this when, in my opinion, they should do it correctly to begin with.
  • An extremely intuitive and user-friendly backend so you know how to manage the content and make simple changes yourself. We employ really out-of-the-box solutions to make things beyond simple for you so you feel fully in-control of your website on a page by page basis.
  • Automatic updates and backups so you can sleep peacefully at night.
  • Pre-installed advanced forms software (value $100+), setup of SEO-ready software, installation of Google Analytics, and optimization for Facebook.
  • Demo videos and tutorial sessions so you got this down-pat. 🙂

Here’s a bunch of reasons *not* working with us would be your #1 regret in life.


We’re awesome. My support team is entirely in-house, personally-invested, chalk full of personality, and made in the USA. Except one of us is from Canada. Go Canucks!


We give you advice when it comes to setting up your hosting account (so you don’t need to do this icky-ness by yourself). We also backup stuff and migrate your existing data as needed.


So we also give you 12 months of free, unlimited access to Lizcast, my very own email marketing platform based off of Amazon’s reliable email sending server, that also syncs with every major web software you can think of. You don’t need to require double opt-ins which is basically like giving your list steroids.


Creation and setup of a custom email address (think [email protected]). A lot of developers are all like, “Hey. Here’s a site. Take a hike.” We’re not like that. We know that email is a thing you use and go the extra mile to make sure you’re all set up.


Aside from the four coaching sessions you get, I also give you two complimentary 1 hour tutorials (and bonus videos for reference) on how to edit your website and send e-newsletters. You walk away with the keys to the kingdom.


Donuts? I meant discounts. Everybody who does Concept to Creation will get $50 off toward additional web development or design or business coaching to be used after your website launches.

If you’re ready, I’m ready.

To see if we are a fit, click the button to schedule a free call with me.

I’m constantly giving my Concept to Creation clients more free stuff with their package. So if there’s something you want, but don’t see, ask if it is available! You never know.

Looking for just a basic website? No frills, strategy, or copywriting?
We do those too. Just click the button above and ask about basic websites on the call.