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United StatesUnited States2019-10-015lindst1Love this podcast!Perfect for entrepreneurs!
United StatesUnited States2019-03-285Ashley N CoxA Better than Biz Podcast!!Liz on Biz is a much needed and refreshing take on the traditional business podcast! Liz Theresa is a vibrant and charismatic host, bringing a high-energy approach to the show. She asks smart, thoughtful questions that go beyond the normal run-of-the-mill banter you find on most business podcasts. And she always has the most interesting and inspiring guests on the show. Liz on Biz is a totally binge-worthy experience for the business owner who could use a little pep and inspiration in their earbuds!!
United StatesUnited States2019-03-265Jessica HetheringtonYou need to listen!!This podcast is FUN, informative and goes deep into topics a lot of entreprneuers won't talk about! Liz is inspiring, funny and just an all around joy!!
United StatesUnited States2019-03-205ABD5887LIZ IS SO AWESOME and INSPIRINGShe gives great insight and is a great person insight and OUT , such a fun personality too!
United StatesUnited States2019-03-115framontiA must listen for all entrepreneurs!A great podcast for all female businesses owners looking not only for inspiration but also practical business tips!
United StatesUnited States2019-03-055Adi ratesInformative and relatableLiz is extremely personable. With her friendly demeanor, she manages to extract the best business and work-life nuggets from her guests- which makes it a win for the listener!!!
United StatesUnited States2019-02-285dishwitrishApproachable and helpfulI love podcasts that offer something of value without being stoic or condescending. This podcast is exactly that. It’s a conversation between professionals that is fun and informative. Definitely keeps me engaged when I’m driving or on the elliptical! Keep it up, Liz!
United StatesUnited States2019-01-205DuckkilleroI Love This Show!Liz is so awesome! I am so glad I discovered her show. She brings on great guests and the conversations are so much fun to tune into. Keep up the great work, Liz and looking forward to tuning in as a regular listener each week 🤗
United StatesUnited States2018-11-265Gmoney2387Awesome PodcastThis is an awesome podcast. I love the conversational style and the way that Liz is able to interview each guest and provid a tremendous amount of value.
United StatesUnited States2018-11-165Nick @fitDEGREEGreat podcast for entrepreneurs at any stage!This podcast really delivers a ton of value for entrepreneurs at any stage in their journey. Whether you have an idea or want to scale to the next level, this podcast should be part of your routine because you never know what you’re going to learn!
United StatesUnited States2018-10-035MikaSusanSo insightful!I’m loving the the podcast. It was recommended to me by a close friend, and I’ve already thanked her three times. You stand to learn a lot about business and mindset by listening to these episodes!
United StatesUnited States2018-08-265SkubooGreat podcast!Liz is so engaging, warm and welcoming. And she does a wonderful job of interviewing her guests and providing useful and interesting information on avarety of topics. So glad I discovered her podcasts!
United StatesUnited States2018-07-085JackieS123Love love love!As an entrepreneur I love hearing the stories of other biz owners. So inspiring and informative. It’s amazing to hear all the diverse stories and lessons we can learn from one another!
United StatesUnited States2018-06-265Matt JavitGets the Guests to Really Open UpLiz is extremely comfortable in her format and does a wonderful job in getting the guests to open up and talk about the topics that are important to the listeners. She does a great job at directly the conversation to maximize the episode. Keep up the excellent work!
United StatesUnited States2018-06-215NutritionTwin1Super fun and informative podcast!!Liz is so positive, upbeat and engaging!! Her podcast is such a fun way to get more business savvy while having fun! She shows you how you can make strides in your business in such a fun and easy way! I highly recommend this awesome podcast!
United StatesUnited States2018-05-015Stressed1234Ball of energySuch a fun podcast dropping so many ch value.
United StatesUnited States2018-04-135Monica LouieEntrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs should be listening to this!Liz’s show has amazing guests who always have a great message for entrepreneurs! I love how she lets the conversation flow naturally and encourages her guests to share their story of how they grew their businesses. Entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs should be listening to this podcast! Plus, Liz makes everything downright fun!
United StatesUnited States2018-03-055CarpeCalamusLoving the authenticityThis podcast is just fun! I love how authentic the conversation is while still being helpful and entertaining. So happy I subscribed!
United StatesUnited States2018-02-275Lindsey RussoGreat show!I am a new listener and I can't believe it took me this long to find her! She is a great story teller and really dives deep with her guests. Can't wait to listen to more!
United StatesUnited States2017-07-255T.DionWonderful podcast!Liz on Biz is a great podcast focusing on entrepreneurship that is both fun and informative. I was thrilled about the opportunity to share my experiences with Liz as well as listen to others' insights. Business podcasts are some of my favorite types of series and I love what Liz is doing here!
United StatesUnited States2017-07-255Robert KlinckGreat ShowI love the podcast. Liz's informal style is great because it means the podcast is an honest conversation rather than a scripted question and answer session. Thanks for the great content!
United StatesUnited States2017-06-205Megan Hale, MA, BCCLiz delivers heartfelt guidance!Entrepreneurship is such a road of personal development. There are highs and lows and many times in which you feel like you're all alone. Liz's take on building a business is a warm hug for other entrepreneurs and provides a clear dose of motivation and inspiration to keep on going and to never give up on your dreams!
United StatesUnited States2017-05-115Trevor OldhamFantastic PodcastLove the podcast Liz!
United StatesUnited States2017-02-225sweetbuttersupGreat topic and fun interviewerI liked the content and how its a different view each time. I have learned alot of what is out there for different entrepreneurs. Keep up the good work. Liz is very bubbly
United StatesUnited States2017-02-205PT MoneyGreat!This is a great podcast with great guests! Liz is a pro at preparing for her guests and it really shines through in the interview. You can tell they are relaxed and having a great time sharing their best info.
United StatesUnited States2017-02-175a taboadaStorytelling like a proLiz is the kind of host who knows how to ask questions that get her guests to tell the story behind their business, letting listeners peek behind the scenes into the good, the bad, and the ugly of entrepreneurship. Great episodes for both new and experienced entrepreneurs alike!
United StatesUnited States2017-01-175Emily Anne PowellLiz Knows What's Up!I totally recommend Liz and her no BS approach to online business. She's surrounded herself with some of the leading experts and this podcast is an incredible resource for anyone thinking of taking the entrepreneurial plunge. Listen now!
United StatesUnited States2017-01-105pfrettyInsightful and funLiz does a great job of getting people to open up and talk candidly about the lessons they have learned throughout their business journeys. Whether you are new in business or a seasoned pro, this podcast can provide insights and meaningful nuggets that you can immediately apply to your operations. Defeinitely recommended.
United StatesUnited States2016-12-145JosephHogueBinge listen to this NOW!Some great stories on entrepreneurship here and a must-listen for anyone thinking about getting started. What to do, what not to do...and everything in-between. Liz's enthusiasm is great and she's found some real success stories.
United StatesUnited States2016-12-075Sparkle pony timeA Fantastic Range of Topics!I love how diverse the topics are in this podcast and all the angles Liz's guest approach entrepreneurship and running a small business. The guest speak from an authentic REAL place, which is so refreshing as a self-employed business owner!
United StatesUnited States2016-11-305Emilyann1So good!This podcast was recommended to me by my sister and it's so good! Looking forward to hearing the next episodes.
United StatesUnited States2016-11-285alohaitsajInformative and EntertainingAwesome podcast! Liz does a fantastic job of getting amazing tips from her wonderful guests while making the discussion personal and engaging by getting her guests to share their stories. If you haven't given Liz on Biz a listen yet, definitely check it out!
United StatesUnited States2016-11-285OrangeCrush1021Liz Best At Biz!Great content with Liz and her interviewees; this is no surprise if anyone has had the pleasure of meeting her. Supreme balance of topics with a wide array of personalities, and the chats feel authentic...because they are! Liz doesn't hold back, and the bad puns and chuckles are part of the podcast package, all the better for it. Liz in one ear and the guest in the other ear is still something i'm getting used to, but maybe she's setting a new trend? Great work m'lady, and who knows, maybe one day i'll be a guest on Liz on Biz? 🙂
United StatesUnited States2016-11-285ArtsyMentorLiz Rocks!Love the authentic and easy going conversations Liz has with her guests. Lots of nuggets of biz wisdom and personal inspiration here!
United StatesUnited States2016-11-285Newbie FitnessAwesome, Real Interviews!Love shoes that support other women, and the interviews are so real and not scripted, which I love!
United StatesUnited States2016-11-274JessK1230Podcast is great!Recommended to me by a friend and I enjoy it! The interviews are interesting, definitely recommend the podcast 😊
United StatesUnited States2016-11-255tbowles52 Thumbs up!My girlfriend loves this podcast so she recommended it to me and now I love it too. Can't wait to see the other people you bring on, Liz!
United StatesUnited States2016-11-255ashdash19So happy I found this!So happy I found this podcast!! It was recommended to me by a friend and now I'm hooked. It's great to listen to while commuting to work.
United StatesUnited States2016-11-255Dvdmsn322Very interestingThese were all great podcasts. I always look forward to seeing who the next guest will be. Keep them coming, Liz.
United StatesUnited States2016-11-255cgsmtm03FantasticFantastic podcast! Would definitely recommend anyone to listen to it -- great job Liz!
United StatesUnited States2016-11-244Bella Creative CoGreat PodcastLiz's Podcast is filled with lots of really valuable information that business owners need rather new or seasoned. Can't wait for gems from her! Keep up the great work!
United StatesUnited States2016-11-235jmcskovListening to Liz!I love Liz's podcasts! They're informative, but not too lengthy. Personally, I spend a lot of time driving. I enjoy listening to the interviews while in the car. Learning on the go- definitely worth it! Thanks, Liz!
United StatesUnited States2016-11-235EvaslagleNew favorite!!!So much great advice! This is my new favorite podcast!
United StatesUnited States2016-11-235jewlz713WonderfulGreat content, great personality, great advice, great perspective!! If you are interested in this topic, I highly recommend this podcast.
United StatesUnited States2016-11-235dashofsocialAmazing podcast!Love every episode of this podcast!!! Each one is informative, insightful, and interesting. Would definitely recommend to anyone!!!
United StatesUnited States2016-11-205Kelly Lynn AdamsAmazing Podcast!!!!I am loving all of the interviews so far great commuter candy with a wealth of information, great insights and high energy!!! Looking forward to all the future interviews!!!
United StatesUnited States2016-11-105Asana24Liz is the real deal--highly recommend her!I've personally worked with Liz over the years. She's helped me set up my blog, taught me how to write copy and showed me the ins and outs of branding. Liz is not only smart and talented, she's also authentic and easy to listen to--follow her podcast to have your very own digital business coach. I'm excited about this!
United StatesUnited States2016-11-095Georgie JackWhat a wonderful podcast to subscribe toI LOVE doing business, but I feel like I need a little bit of help. But Liz helps provide some unique insight from a unique perspective! Definitely give her a listen! 💯
United StatesUnited States2016-11-085Colleenb78Prior ClientSo excited for Liz on Biz! Liz has a lot of great advice to share. Can't wait for more episodes!
United StatesUnited States2016-11-085nycsocialInfectious and InspirationalSmart, relevant, fun. Interesting, energetic and motivational interviews that guarantee you walk away learning something new. A must-listen!
CanadaCanada2019-03-275D2amyYESThis is everything I want in a biz podcast and more!
CanadaCanada2016-11-235Ashley BeaudinAmazing!Love this podcast.
CanadaCanada2016-11-075lilgaylienFunny and Informative! 5 Stars!Wow - I listened to the first episode and subscribed right away. As a fellow woman entrepreneur, this podcast is informative, super interesting, and such a pleasant listen. Liz is awesome! And all of her guests are a joy to listen to as well. Seriously - give this podcast a listen.
United StatesUnited States2016-11-075knittingmachineYou are going to love her!Liz has so much personality and warmth, her enthusiasm is infectious. Hearing her perspective on a variety of business topics was educational and most importantly enjoyable.
United StatesUnited States2016-11-075Anonymouss!Very Pleased!It's so great to hear all of these interviews with Liz and her clients/long time friends etc. She does a great job comparing her own personal experiences and work experiences into these podcasts, and its truly inspirational in every way! It's awesome to hear her client's speak about their experiences with Liz and her business. I'm very happy I decided to tune in! Great job!
United StatesUnited States2016-11-075DonnaD530Perfect length interviews with really amazing people!The stories the entrepreneurs in this podcast tell really made me feel more secure in starting my own business. Everyone has to start somewhere and a few of the people being interviewed are professionals I really look up to. Lot to be learned and lots more still to learn! Liz is a great host.
United StatesUnited States2016-11-075Isabel Foxen DukeExcellent podcast on fundamental online biz topics...I'm really enjoying listening to Liz's podcast, and was thrilled to be a guest. Liz is one of my personal biz gurus, whose opinion I check in with on biz issues regularly, and it's great to hear her bat some of the big questions around with other entrepreneurs whom I respect. Can't wait for season 2 to come out next!
United StatesUnited States2016-11-075BendigirlGreat Podcast!I love Liz and she is so easy to listen to and gain so much knowledge from in an easy applicable way!
United StatesUnited States2016-11-075mantra2Good Content.Great collection of interviews - Highly recommended!!!
United StatesUnited States2016-11-075Tcap501Great show and LOTS of great advice here!I've been running my business for many years and still milled a lot of great advice from Liz's show. Her guests were honest about where they were coming from. The advice was down to earth and Liz's upbeat attitude made all the episodes really entertaining.
United StatesUnited States2020-03-105GinjaswaggerEasy to digest and I always leave learning something newLiz is an amazing interviewer. I love listening to this podcast because it feels like I’m in the room with her and the guest. She often asks questions I’m thinking myself and I’ve met several amazing people from just listening! A must listen!
United StatesUnited States2020-03-195Ryann WatkinThe Best!!!Liz is so authentic and amazing at what she does... Thrilled to have found this show!!!
United StatesUnited States2020-05-015alessandrapollinaSo fun & informativeThis show is one of the most FUN shows on biz out there! Liz's personality is just hilarious and keeps me smiling the whole time, totally entertained even though the interviews are about business.
United StatesUnited States2020-05-075Clarisse GomezAwesome Podcast!!!Liz, host of the Liz on Biz podcast, highlight all aspects of entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
United StatesUnited States2020-05-195Erin AndersenCareer Transition & LinkedIn CoachI love to listen this show - I am always inspired & learn something new!
United StatesUnited States2020-07-195This Girl Runs the ShowEnjoyed ListeningEnjoyed listening to your episode on virtual events!! I can totally relate!! I am a wedding and event planner and entrepreneur in many trades living in the virtual world of events! Cant wait to tune in to your other episodes! Hope you will check out my Podcast! This Girl Runs the Show!
United StatesUnited States2020-09-015VemoyaInspiring & contagious optimismLiz Theresa is the kind of person that will make you feel great NO MATTER the topic at hand or the reason for the meeting. Listening to this Podcast is sure to inject some much needed Positive energy into your day. Her tone of voice alone will lift you up and motivate you to have a productive day. Liz is a marketing guru and prodigy in Web-design, but she really would do just as well as a coach, or a motivational speaker. Take advantage of this FREE podcast where you get to experience her genious and exuberance on a weekly basis.
United StatesUnited States2020-10-125Can't pass 23Laugh + LearnListening to Liz with Biz is like having an intimate conversation with a good friend, but you walk away feeling inspired to tackle your dreams!
United StatesUnited States2020-10-275caitlin strempelSuch a great resourceIf you’re a business owner, you need to subscribe! Love listening to Liz and guests!
CanadaCanada2020-11-065Young Money with Tracey BissetLove the energy of the show!Love Liz’s interview style – she’s a natural interviewer and the conversations flow well. Excellent tips and tactics are shared by Liz and her guests. It is great to hear from so many experts sharing their journeys and advice. Well done Liz!
LatviaLatvia2020-11-205ChameraBHighly recommend this show!Liz is a great host and the topics in this show is just insanely valuable! Kristīne
United StatesUnited States2020-12-305elizabethlotardoIf you’re a business owners, you need to listen to this podcast!Liz has mastered the art of hosting a podcast that leaves you feeling inspired AND gives you practical takeaways for your business.
United StatesUnited States2021-02-055caitlin strempelSuch a great resourceIf you’re a business owner, you need to subscribe! I love listening to Liz and guests! Liz is so fun to listen to.
PhilippinesPhilippines2021-02-115louis.erks.lsGreat podcastI am so glad to have found this show. I really had a fun time listening to the hosts and guests. Also love the tips they shared as well! Looking forward to hearing more.
United StatesUnited States2021-02-185KbstudioListening to Liz is like a breath of fresh airI love this woman. Her passion and energy comes through every single episode.
United StatesUnited States2021-05-035RachTheCCSo fun and always a great listen!Liz is so fun to listen to and always highly energetic and motivating. I love tuning in and always enjoy her guest lineup!
United StatesUnited States2021-06-065Delia FolkLove a good business podcast!A big thank you to Liz for creating such an awesome & informative show 🙂
United StatesUnited States2021-08-055AuroratopangaPacked with Inspiring, Actionable ContentHighly recommended.
United StatesUnited States2021-09-025Larissa BeeLearn & LaughI want to learn incredibly valuable business lessons while having a laugh? This is the podcast for you!
United StatesUnited States2021-09-205asinger320Such an honor to be featured!Liz has such a bright and cheerful tone to her podcast. It’s a happy relaxed atmosphere to learn and grow - and there’s no stress involved. So many times, business circles can be stuffy and melodramatic - but not this one! Liz on Biz is amongst the next wave of networkers, so take a listen now so you don’t miss any more of these hilarious gems from entrepreneurs you should know about. P.S. - My episode was #236 if you want to listen to it. Thank you so much, Liz, for welcoming me and giving me this platform to help others!!!
United StatesUnited States2021-11-125TraceyPinNYCShe’s my new best friendI absolutely love this podcast! It’s super practical, fun and full of insight and aha moments for me as an entrepreneur. Liz has a really joyful, engaging way about her that makes you feel like you’re hanging out with a friend having a conversation. I just love it.
United StatesUnited States2021-11-225The Hobo Named Bob10/10 for Liz!I love this show! Liz and her guests are always dropping SUCH valuable knowledge. I love hearing from the different experts and their stories. If you’re an entrepreneur, you have to give this show a listen!
United StatesUnited States2021-11-305Catherine TindallInsightful & ImpactfulInsightful and impactful conversations, always great to tune in. Liz is a treat to listen to.
LuxembourgLuxembourg2021-12-145leavinghonestfeedbackFun, actionable and timeI had a lot of fun listening to Liz’s podcast. Her enthusiasm is so contagious and the wisdom and knowledge she exchanges with her guests are helping to save so much time and money that I can only highly highly recommend it.
United StatesUnited States2022-02-195Sheren StrausbergGreat enthusiasm and interesting guestsLiz is such a joy to listen to. She is so fun and enthusiastic. Her guests have great insights with interesting stories and experiences to share. Be sure to always listen until the end to hear great bits of advice!
United StatesUnited States2022-03-055Whitney in AZLove her style and realnessI really enjoy the episodes and how real and down to earth they are. I love the conversational style and info Liz provides.💗When listening to the guest interviews, I feel like I’m part of the convo!
United StatesUnited States2022-04-155Sarah GrearFun and informativeGrab your drink and get ready for your dose of fun and knowledge! 🙂 Liz knows how to make her podcasts informative and easy to listen to.
SingaporeSingapore2022-05-025NeurosparkLiz makes biz fun!Liz makes you laugh, think and gear up to take action all at a go. She has this amazing way of making the most serious topics fun and listening to her feels like a convo with your bestie over coffee!
South AfricaSouth Africa2022-06-245Bronwen GMRWhat a great show!I love how brilliant Liz is as a host and her guests are genuine and inspiring. Really enjoy this show!