E102 - Shana Dewitt - Entrepreneur Blocks and Limiting Beliefs - Liz Theresa

E102 – Shana Dewitt – Entrepreneur Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

Shana Dewitt is a business coach here to help you create a business you love that supports the life you want. She is also the host of the Be Heard podcast – a show on iTunes for women business owners – as well as the founder of “How to Start an Online Business” – a DIY, self-guided course to starting your own business.

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Show notes:

  • “I never wanted to be an entrepreneur.”
  • The time a fortune teller at a fair told her she would be an entrepreneur someday.
  • Her original dream to work at an ad firm.
  • “Always assess. What’s working? What’s not?”
  • The times we flounder are necessary for the times we shine later.
  • Who are her clients?
  • “We want a business that supports our life – not a life that supports our business.”
  • “Be yourself… with boundaries.”
  • Courses versus private work.
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