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E105 – Hayley Denker – Superpower Your Marketing Strategy

With marketing experience ranging from independent restaurants to corporate retail and business coaching, Hayley Denker has found her passion: helping entrepreneurs and solo professionals realize their brand goals and execute their vision. Always ready for a challenge and forever thinking out of the box, her creativity knows no bounds.

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Show notes:

  • The time she worked at Disney
  • What Winnie the Pooh orders for lunch
  • Getting psyched about your business again requires…
  • 1/3 CTA, 1/3 Strategy, and 1/3 Off the Cuff Postings
  • “I don’t wanna attract new clients. I wanna attract the RIGHT clients.”
  • Unapologetically being committed to your kids.
  • Outsource *everything* you can.
  • “Sometimes, you have to fake it til you make it.”
  • Dealing with your imposter syndrome!
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