E107 - Allison Maslan - When You Scale, You Can Be Free - Liz Theresa

E107 – Allison Maslan – When You Scale, You Can Be Free

Allison Maslan is the CEO of Allison Maslan International and has built ten successful companies starting out at the age of 19. She has in-depth experience working with clients such as Ben & Jerry’s, Supercuts, Merrill Lynch, and Charlotte Russe.  She’s also the best-selling author of Blast Off and has a brand new book out called, Scale or Fail.

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Show notes:

  • A bit about her book Scale or Fail
  • “When you’re living on purpose and doing what you love, that’s the greatest gift ever.”
  • She started out designing greeting cards for companies – which led to brochures which led to ad development, etc.
  • At age 25, she’d been running a full service marketing and PR firm which led to burnout and a very serious car accident.
  • “I thought you were supposed to build a business that made a lot of money.”
  • On being so afraid to make a change – on feeling trapped.
  • Her trapeze hobby (this will amaze you)
  • How she got over her fear of changing her professional trajectory
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