E110 - Judi Fox - Video Marketing for Business (What the Fox Says) - Liz Theresa

E110 – Judi Fox – Video Marketing for Business (What the Fox Says)

Judi Fox is a video marketing strategist who’s taken the video marketing world by storm. With over two million views and counting (after being online for less than a year), she shares her advice in this latest episode of Liz on Biz.

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Show notes:

  • Going live from her kitchen (LOVE this bit of advice)
  • What it was like to unplug from most of social media for four years (yes, four years)
  • Using only Linkedin to market herself – and using VIDEO there (this fascinates me)
  • Posting with intention versus mindless scrolling
  • “I want you to realize you can do this, get on video, and get results.”
  • “Action now creates clarity down the road.”
  • “That one thing that pulls on your heart telling you to do it… do it.”
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