E113 - Elle Drouin - Entrepreneurship for Introverted Humans - Liz Theresa

E113 – Elle Drouin – Entrepreneurship for Introverted Humans

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E113 - Elle Drouin - Entrepreneurship for Introverted Humans

Elle Drouin is the founder of The Styled Stock Society and human behind @mochiandthecity. After several years working as the Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy for e-commerce businesses, Elle launched her own business to focus on helping other women build brands that are as profitable as they are pretty. Elle currently runs the Styled Stock Society, a stylish stock photography membership for female entrepreneurs, as well as works as a commercial photographer for beauty and lifestyle brands.

Elle’s dog Mochi is a 3-year-old maltipoo model and influencer with over 100,000 followers. Elle and Mochi have been featured on Entrepreneur, Refinery29, the Today Show, and a number of other media outlets. They’ve collaborated with brands like ABC, American Express, Disney, Google, and The Ritz-Carlton and also use their platform to raise awareness for organizations like the Humane Society and (RED).

Elle has been interviewed on a variety of podcasts including Support is Sexy, Courage & Clarity, Day in the Life, and The Profit Planner to name a few.

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Show notes:

  • Elle’s dog Mochi – and her own climb to fame
  • Elle’s experience with digital marketing consulting
  • Her fearless (OK – with some fear) foray into stock photography
  • The Styled Stock Society – what is it? Who is it for?
  • Why paid stock photos instead of free ones?
  • The issue she has with consulting that I totally related to!
  • “Using free stock photos just makes you look like everyone else online.”
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