E115 - Patricia Maristch - How to Get on TV and in Magazines - Liz Theresa

E115 – Patricia Maristch – How to Get on TV and in Magazines

Patricia Maristch is the founder and CEO of Piqued PR (piquedpr.com). Piqued PR was founded in 2013 and is a boutique lifestyle public relations firm that focuses on fashion, beauty and decor clients. Clients have been featured in O Magazine, House Beautiful, Country Living and on E!, The Today Show, Bravo celebrities and top influencers across the country. Some clients include Lisi Lerch, Crab & Cleek, Shiver & Duke, Elizabeth McKay and more.

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Show notes:

  • Didn’t take school seriously – had no interest in high school.
  • Through a family friend, Patricia discovered PR and marketing / communications.
  • Also studied fashion merchandising.
  • Her experience working with a politician.
  • Advice for entrepreneurs who want more visibility.
  • What should expectations be when hiring someone for PR?
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