E117 - Kyle Baptist - Rules for Retail Success - Liz Theresa

E117 – Kyle Baptist – Rules for Retail Success

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E117 - Kyle Baptist - Rules for Retail Success

With over 10 years experience in retail and three years running Marconi’s Beach Outfitters as Founder and CEO. Kyle Baptist has been involved in virtually every aspect of running a retail business. Just recently Kyle started Rules to Retail Consulting, where he aims to be an outlet for all things retail.

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Show notes:

  • Kyle’s beginnings in retail – started when he was 14 managing an entire store!
  • His family’s roots
  • “We can keep doing what we’re doing… or we can bring in new customers and expand.”
  • The importance of getting to know your target customers
  • What is Rules to Retail Consulting?
  • Where do you get your customers?
  • “Know your numbers and know what you’re selling.”
  • How to retain more customers
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