E121 - Gresham Harkless - All About The, "I'm Going to Do it" Mentality - Liz Theresa

E121 – Gresham Harkless – All About The, “I’m Going to Do it” Mentality

Gresham Harkless is the founder of Blue 16 Media and the editor-in-chief of the extremely popular CEOBlogNation. At Blue 16 Media, he offers a suite of web services including design, SEO, and digital marketing consulting.

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Show notes:

  • His very young entrepreneurial beginnings
  • The time he tore his Achilles tendon (ouch!)
  • His love of quotes
  • His experience while working for Patch
  • Introvert vs extrovert – The energy you spend while running a business
  • “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there’s footprints on the moon.”


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