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E124 – Nick Dennis – Change Your Business to What People Want

Nick Dennis is the founder of fitDEGREE, a software management platform for yoga studios to run efficient businesses. He graduated with a BS in Mathematics at Rowan University and obtained a strong background in logic and critical thinking. With these skills he decided to pursue the route of an entrepreneur, someone that lives to find problems and seek solutions. Nick is a genuine, down to earth person that is intensely passionate about his crafts. By day, he keeps fitDEGREE moving forward and in his free time, he enjoys lifting the heavy things and teaching others how to do the same. Nick has received multiple rounds of funding for his idea that has improved iteration after iteration. Find out what he is up to next.

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Show notes:

  • What is fitDEGREE?
  • “Life is a big game. Take your shot and don’t be afraid to fail.”
  • Why work in fitness?
  • Work-life balance – how much do you work?
  • Food and money. And crazy dentist experiences.
  • “Adapt or die.”
  • “Listen to your prospects.”
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