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E129 – Peter Akkies – How to Create Content With Ease

Peter Akkies helps online entrepreneurs create content consistently so they can grow their business. He runs a free 30-Day Creator Challenge, in which he teaches how to stop sabotaging yourself and get your content out there. That’s over at creatorchallenge.com.

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Show notes:

  • Peter’s journey to entrepreneurship, his experience being a litigation consultant in the states.
  • He now lives in Amsterdam.
  • “My health is more important to me than this job.”
  • How do you come up with stuff to say?
  • “If you create content, ask yourself, ‘What’s my goal?'”
  • Content creation isn’t stressful if you do it every day. Learn how Peter has created one piece of content every day since April 2018.
  • #1 Create a goal. #2 Experiment.
  • Inspiration for content: what were your conversations like today?
  • What is your ideal client struggling with?
  • “Start small. Do it today.”
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