E137 - Jessica Hetherington - On Coaching and Selling Without Cheese - Liz Theresa

E137 – Jessica Hetherington – On Coaching and Selling Without Cheese

Jessica Hetherington is business and sales coach who works with power house women who want the world to know their name. She believes that the secret strategy to being successful in business to have unshakeable confidence in your gifts and to be fearless with sales. She helps female entrepreneurs to STAND OUT in the online market, close with confidence and serve more clients.

Jessica is a public speaker,  works with power house women 1-on-1 and she especially loves running her signature mastermind, Be Bold.

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Show notes:

  • Been into psychology since being a child — when she was 16, she said she wanted to be a coach when she was older.
  • What is coaching and does it matter if you’re certified?
  • Imposter syndrome – “Am I a hack? Who am I to… I’m not good enough.”
  • Women and sales
  • What if you just told someone you had a service you offer – and it wasn’t the end of the world? They decide.
  • Her quiz!
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