E143 - Tanika Mason - How to Feel More Confident in Business - Liz Theresa

E143 – Tanika Mason – How to Feel More Confident in Business

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E143 - Tanika Mason - How to Feel More Confident in Business

Tanika Mason is a Confidence Embodiment and Certified Money, Marketing, and Soul Business Coach who believes that success starts from cultivating confidence from within. The Founder of Uninhibited U, she choreographs bad ass routines, life and business plans and strategies for her clients that help them embody their inner, sexy, bold confidence and unleash it into the world so that they can take courageous action in turning their side businesses into their dream businesses.

With over 25 years of business and marketing experience and over 30 years of dance and performance experience, Tanika has worked with entrepreneurs, performers, small businesses, non-profits and corporations of all sizes. Her passion though is helping women to go after their biggest dreams while living their own life on their own terms and no one else’s.

Tanika holds a B.A. in Communications with a minor in Business Administration from Augusta State University. She’s also had the privilege of performing on famous stages such as The Apollo and The James Brown Arena. She’s a single mother and a military brat that has traveled the world. She’s also been featured on various talk shows, news stories and podcasts on CNN, to YouTube, to ABC.

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Show notes:

  • Her entrepreneurial childhood – renting out toys to the neighborhood kids. (Guess which toy was the hottest seller!)
  • Formerly was on the John Maxwell Leadership Development Team — why this didn’t work for her
  • Confidence is the foundation of her work in helping clients get money and sales into their business.
  • How dance impacts the way she supports her clients.
  • Fusing her roles as single mom, dance teacher, and business coach.
  • What types of clients she works with.
  • What does it mean to be sexy confident? (Rather than just confident!)
  • “Whatever makes you feel good, I want you to do it.”
  • “Are you running the business you wanna be running in the future?”
  • “Embrace your uniqueness. Embrace your weird. It’s what sets you apart from everyone else!”
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