E149 - Meg Wheeler - Do You Value Kindness Over Competition? - Liz Theresa

E149 – Meg Wheeler – Do You Value Kindness Over Competition?

Meg Wheeler is the Co-Founder and CEO of One For Women, an online gift company and marketplace that sources its products from women makers and gives back to non-profits that support women. She is the hostess of One For Womenkind, a weekly podcast featuring intimate conversations on the power of small gestures and how we can use kindness and compassion to show up and support women. Meg is also a Startup Strategist and Financial Educator, blogging about money-related business topics and teaching creative entrepreneurs how to run financially fit businesses through her course, the Small Biz Accounting Blueprint.

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Show notes:

  • What is One For Women?
  • Who her fellow co-founder is – and why they started their business.
  • “Here’s the thing about being nice. It doesn’t come easy. You have to work at it.”
  • “I think there’s a difference between nice and kind.”
  • “I had a lot to say – and nowhere to say it.”
  • “As women, we need to think about the impact words have on one another.”
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