E159 - Kelsey Decker - One Woman's Journey from Awakening to Authorship - Liz Theresa

E159 – Kelsey Decker – One Woman’s Journey from Awakening to Authorship

Kelsey Decker is an Author, Poet, Speaker, Healer and Spiritual Guide.

She helps empower women to embark on the journey their soul is calling them to take, so they can step fully into an inspired life, become unstoppable and create the clarity they need to live out their biggest, boldest dreams.

She’s the author of the autobiographical book series Adventures of Awakening, best described as Pretty Woman meets Eat Pray Love.

Kelsey’s raw authenticity is helping women everywhere transform trauma and pain into personal power and is bringing awareness to taboo topics in her unconventional musings on spiritual awakenings.

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Show notes:

  • First self-published book is called Adventures of Awakening
  • Grew up in abusive household and then a cult
  • How she broke away and re-emerged into life
  • Her first marriage (and divorce)
  • “Trust yourself.”
  • What she called “Performative Vulnerability” and “Spiritual Bypassing”
  • “Before you post something, ask yourself: is this my truth?”
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