E163 - Jenna Irvin - You Are Worthy of What Your Heart Wants - Liz Theresa

E163 – Jenna Irvin – You Are Worthy of What Your Heart Wants

Jenna Irvin is a young entrepreneur who dreams as naturally as she breathes. She opened her first business at the age of 21, in a town she had only been to once, and doubled her investment in just ten months funding the purchase of her current business in Hilton Head Island. As both a Pure Barre owner and coach, Jenna leads with intuition, uses fear as fuel to grow, and believes that failure is our greatest teacher. She feels the most alive and connected to her why when she is holding space for others to step into all that they are.

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Show notes:

  • Went to High Point U.
  • Wanted to graduate in 3 years because of looming loans.
  • Her senior year of college, she applied to be a pure barre owner.
  • Parents are also entrepreneurs.
  • “It’s very hard for me to rest.”
  • “Why should I believe I deserve more when this, at one time, was everything I ever wanted?”
  • Bad hiring led her to teach 35 out of 40 classes at her first studio.
  • Left clients in Baltimore for Hilton Head.
  • “The world is so loud and so fast. I sit with myself in a quiet space to ask my heart if THIS is the right thing moving forward.”
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