E167 - Patrick Queally - Get Addicted to Communicating - Liz Theresa

E167 – Patrick Queally – Get Addicted to Communicating

Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
E167 - Patrick Queally - Get Addicted to Communicating

Patrick started his career in the mortgage industry as a Loan Processor in 1993. He was soon promoted to Underwriter and was later named Vice President of Residential & Commercial Mortgage Lending of a local community bank, where he maintained a pipeline of residential & commercial transactions from pre-application through to closing.

Through the years Patrick has worked for a variety of lending institutions– national lenders, regional & community banks, mortgage brokerages and independent correspondent lenders, working in a number of roles to support and manage operations as well as sales and training of loan officers and sales teams.

Since early 2017 he has been a Producing Branch Manager for a growing national correspondent lender, Hancock Mortgage Partners LLC.

He serves on the company’s Corporate Advisory Board, helping shape and guide the short and long-term plans for the company, with an emphasis on marketing and social media sales strategies. He is the director of the Agent Acceleration Academy, an organization dedicated to teaching sales and marketing on social media, primarily to real estate agents and other real estate related service industries in several states.

He is also the host of a podcast series, “The Wicked Awesome Report” where guests include local and national business owners and entrepreneurs, covering topics from sales and marketing, current events and general interest stories, all with an emphasis on local businesses to support the “shop local” movement.

With his rare mix of underwriting & operational background in the mortgage industry, combined with years of sales skills and mastery of social media for lead generation, Patrick is uniquely equipped to attract consumers that want to use his mortgage services as well as help them navigate the increasingly complex waters of obtaining mortgage financing.

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Show notes:

  • “Like most little boys growing up, I wanted to be a mortgage broker!”
  • His unusual path in this industry.
  • Favorite part of his job is education and communication. People don’t know what they don’t know.
  • “Every Friday, every client gets a phone call or text or email – they get contacted by my office so we can tell them exactly where they stand so there are no surprises. We update all major players once per week – real estate agent or client or attorney – if you call to get an update. It’s our job to outbound communicate what’s going on.”
  • If you don’t communicate, people tend to make up horror stories in their own mind.
  • If you want to be perceived as better, you have to first be perceived as different.
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