E169 - Ken Davis - Work Culture Can Be a Customer Magnet - Liz Theresa

E169 – Ken Davis – Work Culture Can Be a Customer Magnet

Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
E169 - Ken Davis - Work Culture Can Be a Customer Magnet

Davis Hairdressing is the only hair salon in the Greater Boston area that prioritizes our clients who want both excellence and convenience in an era where high expectations meet busy schedules.

As a team, we believe in continued education, whether through outside instruction or our weekly in-salon classes, and sharing clients, so that YOUR convenience is prioritized. We foster an atmosphere of collaboration and are as excited to see our regular clients maintain their signature look as we are when new clients come in for a total transformation.

From the moment you walk into the salon and are greeted by our front desk, to your shampoo and hair services, to the moment of “big reveal” when you see your new ‘do in the mirror, we are committed to the client experience. Our salon culture is crafted so that YOU are always the priority.

Ken & Mary Davis opened their first hair salon in Newton in 1991 after decades in the industry, seeing that there was a gap in how stylists were taught to grow their careers. Their commitment to bringing hair care innovation, top of the line hair care products and new trends in styling to the salon, coupled with their compulsive desire for personalized and consistent customer service are the reasons why Davis Hairdressing was voted one of the top hair salons in the Boston area.

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