E171 - Renae Saager - Life Beyond Food and Body - Liz Theresa

E171 – Renae Saager – Life Beyond Food and Body

Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
E171 - Renae Saager - Life Beyond Food and Body

Renae Saager is certified health & life coach and emotional eating expert who teaches women around the world how to start living a powerful, authentic life free from food and weight obsession. Tapping into her own unique journey with disordered eating and alcoholism, Renae connects with her clients on a deeper level, supporting them through the process of rewiring their brain with her no-BS approach. Through this serious work, Renae is able to help clients challenge their mindset and begin healing, using her own sense of humor and unparalleled perspective which creates a more enjoyable and transformational process. Undoing the crazy you feel around food is Renae’s specialty, the confidence and clarity gained is the guilt free icing on the cake. Renae has been featured on several podcasts. She received her certifications through the Health Coach Institute and The Life Coach School and received her Bachelors degree in Social Science from Portland State University.

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Show notes:

  • Why she started her business
  • What are her clients like
  • How she sells her coaching without promising weight loss
  • Her unique selling factors
  • Where do her clients come from?
  • How Renae shows up online (with video marketing)
  • “Don’t stay small to make others feel more comfortable.”
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