E173 - Tamara Iglesias - Balancing Mama-hood and Business to Raise Emotionally Healthy Kids - Liz Theresa

E173 – Tamara Iglesias – Balancing Mama-hood and Business to Raise Emotionally Healthy Kids

Tamara Iglesias is the owner + founder of Wellynest, a conscious parenting coaching brand dedicated to empowering families to live fully whole + nourished lives.

Tamara’s mission is to shift the way we raise our children by bringing the awareness of self into the parenting journey. As parents, when we heal ourselves, we can heal our children and ultimately heal the world. Consciously parenting from a place of respect, cultivating deep trust and creating healthy boundaries is essential.

When parents are supported on their own healing journey and inspired to use conscious words, act with intention and slow down to spend quality time, children can develop into fully-realized, emotionally healthy adults. Parenting with conscious intention helps the entire family thrive.

Tamara has created a conscious parenting coaching program, helping her clients nurture their children by healing themselves first. Setting children up for healthy connections, relationships and coping methods, Tamara’s approach has helped hundreds of families. Tamara’s own personal journey has inspired her desire to change the way we raise our children, and she is doing so every day with Wellynest.

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Show notes:

  • What is wellynest about?
  • Conscious Parenting – what is it?
  • Why did you start this business?
  • What do your clients struggle with?
  • How should parents be dealing with children and electronics?
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