E189 - Mandy Barbee - Reignite Your Spark - Liz Theresa

E189 – Mandy Barbee – Reignite Your Spark

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E189 - Mandy Barbee - Reignite Your Spark

Mandy Barbee is the founder of Palladium Mind Coaching & Hypnosis Center. Palladium Mind helps values-driven people navigate and resolve anxious feelings, master their own energy and attract EXACTLY what they want from their lives. How? Discoveries in epigenetics, human potential research and mind-body connection science are now outpacing a medical system based solely on reductionism and Newtonian physics. The vast majority of our limitations, including rampant disease and autoimmune disorders, are now understood to be self-imposed. With the mission to create lasting change, root cause resolution and true healing, Palladium Mind specializes in rapid transformational techniques that are ecologically sound to the entire system of a person.

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Show notes:

  • Mandy Barbee helps people see themselves through tapping into an altered state consciousness by utilizing resources of imagery, techniques, and processes.
  • She aims to try to improve lives through increasing positive aspects like happiness.
  • She explains that this altered state is part of our state of mind, and she helps people access it. Through doing this, you can experience healing in the mind, body, and/or soul.
  • A feature of her work is language. Speaking, thinking, and feeling things into existence, or being spoken to in that sense, can deeply heal. We are so quick to have negative thoughts or talk negatively, but when you have a positive outlook and speak positively of and to yourself, you will see how great life can be, and good things will start happening.


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