E224 - Alysha St. Germain - Stop Being Afraid of Colors - Liz Theresa

E224 – Alysha St. Germain – Stop Being Afraid of Colors

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E224 - Alysha St. Germain - Stop Being Afraid of Colors

Alysha is an interior designer and color specialist and the founder of Hello Pearl Interiors. She believes our homes are a reflection of those who live in them and that they can be leveraged to help her clients come to life. She specializes in using home furnishings, interior color, and organizational strategies to help her clients live their best lives both inside and outside of their homes. While she is also passionate about breathing new life into vintage finds, she is even MORE passionate about reversing the widely held belief that grey is a neutral. Through her color work, she is on a mission to make colorful homes mainstream again. You can find more of her work at Hello Pearl Interiors on Instagram or by visiting www.hellopearlinteriors.com

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Show Notes:

  • How Alysha got interested in interior design
  • Why are we afraid of changing our space?
  • What’s up with greige (grey beige 🤣)
  • How Hello Pearl disrupts the Interior Design industry
  • Are you someone that normal people can hire?
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