E235 - Aurora Winter - It Doesn't Have to Be Hard to Write a Book - Liz Theresa

E235 – Aurora Winter – It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard to Write a Book

Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
E235 - Aurora Winter - It Doesn't Have to Be Hard to Write a Book

Aurora Winter, MBA, is an award-winning, bestselling author. She is a successful serial entrepreneur, media trainer, creator of the Spoken Author™ method, and founder of Same Page Publishing. She left her lucrative career as a TV executive decades ago to become a full-time author, trainer, and entrepreneur. Using storytelling for business, she created a life of freedom, creativity, and contribution. Now she helps her clients turn their words into wealth, wisdom, and wonder.

Her clients win hearts and minds with their communication skills. They have started new chapters, escaped 9 to 5, and made a difference. They have written bestselling books, given TEDx talks, appeared on TV, raised venture capital, and won awards. Why not you?

Aurora Winter’s latest book, Turn Words Into Wealth, has been honored with multiple book awards, including:

  • Winner, Los Angeles Book Festival, 2021 Best Business Book
  • Winner, Pinnacle Award, 2021 Best Business Book
  • Winner, Literary Titan Silver Award
  • Winner, International Impact Book Awards, 2021, Business

Marketing Fastrack, second edition, is a #1 New Release (publication August 2021). Aurora Winter’s books will help you achieve your goals with greater clarity, certainty, and confidence. Aurora Winter is a popular guest on podcasts and other broadcasts. She has been featured on ABC-TV, CBS-TV, KTLA-TV, CBC-TV, Hallmark Channel, Success magazine, Elle magazine, Maclean’s magazine, The Huffington Post, and numerous podcasts.

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Show Notes:

  • Why did you get into the book writing & marketing world?
  • Are books truly that powerful?
  • How can books support a brand?
  • How do you fix the problem that it takes the average person 3.5 years to write a book?
  • “Entrepreneurs solve problems at a profit.”
  • The 90 Day Challenge
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