E243 - Rae Davenport - How a Little Compassion Can Go a Long Way - Liz Theresa

E243 – Rae Davenport – How a Little Compassion Can Go a Long Way

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E243 - Rae Davenport - How a Little Compassion Can Go a Long Way

Rae Davenport was born and raised in New Orleans, LA with an undeniable passion to help others. She has always found herself being a listening ear, a supportive shoulder, or giving an encouraging word to someone in their time of need. She believes in speaking life to those who may have a hard time seeing just how valuable they really are. Often asked to her, “Rae, how did you develop your unstoppable mindset?”

Just like everyone, the painful experiences of life happened to her without warning. At the age of 13, her father was murdered in his home by someone very close to the family. Life as she knew it was never the same. At the age of 15, she became a mother. Imagine that, if you can. She went from mourning her dad’s death to becoming a parent, neither of which she was mentally prepared for. But it was prepared for her. She had to grow up FAST. The problem with doing anything fast. She often misses some instrumental lessons. Still very determined to win. She graduated high school with honors and enrolled in college to begin her life towards adulthood.

After graduating from Nursing School, she moved to Los Angeles, CA., to begin her career as a registered nurse. Being away from family taught her the importance of having a strong connection. We may not get the option to pick the family we’re born into but we do get to choose the depth of the relationship to those we’re connected to. After living in Los Angeles for 8 years, she relocated to Houston, TX to be closer to family. Determined to win, even more. She obtained a master of business administration to prove to herself that she can do great things if she put her mind and focus to it. However, during this time she was dealing with her oldest son being chronically ill, her youngest son being diagnosed with autism, and an unhealthy marriage. After deciding to have freedom instead of live in a marriage that God never ordained for her, she realized divorce was her only option.

In 2016, her divorce was finalized and she was on the road to rebuilding the person she could be proud of. Her passion includes motivating and speaking life into those that deem themselves unworthy to receive greatness. Having the gift of encouragement she vow to use my gift to bring out the hidden places buried within someone’s darkness. Armed with specific instructions from God, she is on a mission to uplift, inspire, and motivate millions to greatness.

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Show notes:

  • Rae’s journey to working as a nurse and a coach
  • What inspired her to do so many incredible things?
  • The importance of choosing happiness and yourself
  • Why we need to uplift, inspire, and motivate on a daily basis
  • Life after her divorce
  • Pandemic living and its impact, “hermit life”
  • Will Rae ever leave nursing?
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