E25 - Danielle Tenconi - Balancing Military Life & Entrepreneurship - Liz Theresa

E25 – Danielle Tenconi – Balancing Military Life & Entrepreneurship

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E25 - Danielle Tenconi - Balancing Military Life & Entrepreneurship

Danielle Tenconi founded InsieMama to bring world-class marketing skills, learned over 15 years building brands in the corporate world, to help grow small businesses. She motivates clients to continually raise themselves, and their businesses, to a higher standard of performance through targeted marketing consultancy tools, processes and sessions. Danielle is a Military spouse with two small boys and has lived all across the world.  She brings this Global experience to her clients through best-practice marketing. When she is not building small businesses or spending time with family, she is an avid yogi and runner.

You can connect with Danielle on Instagram @insiemama, www.facebook.com/InsieMama or via www.insiemama.com.

Show guide:

  • [2:36] How Danielle came up with the name InsieMama and what lights her up in her business
  • [4:15] “Freelancing is not so much a business, which I’ve come to realize.”
  • [4:58] The difference between freelancing and owning a business – they are NOT the same!
  • [7:00] When Danielle decided to stop freelancing + traveling after birth of second son
  • [7:20] “I just ended up saying to myself, ‘You know what, I’m going to go for this.'”
  • [7:37] “I didn’t realize just how much work went into building awareness for your business.”
  • [9:56] The importance of maximizing one channel where your ideal client is, just like how Danielle maximized LinkedIn in her freelancing business
  • [12:48] How Danielle has balanced being both a military wife and an entrepreneur
  • [14:37] “Military life, for me, has added an extra layer of complexity.”
  • [15:38] Every time Danielle has moved, she has had to tweak her business a little bit
  • [22:52] Danielle’s reasons for rebranding
  • [25:42] What is market research?
  • [31:00] Having a balance between quantitative and qualitative data while doing market research
  • [35:27] A look into ethnographic research
  • [38:48] “I am so passionate that every single business needs a marketing plan, whether you’re just starting up or whether you’ve been in business for five years.”
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