E282 - Melisa Keenan - Toxic Masculinity Always Ruins the Party - Liz Theresa

E282 – Melisa Keenan – Toxic Masculinity Always Ruins the Party

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E282 - Melisa Keenan - Toxic Masculinity Always Ruins the Party


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Melisa Keenan is the go-to intuitive intimacy expert for the top 1% who helps high powered female CEOs use their feminine energy as a 10X growth strategy. She is CEO, a keynote speaker, and an International and USA Today Bestselling Author.  After investing nearly $200K in certifications and training, plus overcoming traumatic relationship experiences, Melisa understands the female CEO feeling trapped in the masculine. She helps her gain time-freedom, intimacy and fulfillment without losing momentum. Melisa enjoys dancing, singing, working, and praying at her hobby-ranch in Northern Nevada where she lives with her husband, CJ, and their four children

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Show notes:

  • What do you do in your business Melisa?
  • What does it mean to work with masculine and feminine and energy?
  • How do you know if you’re out of balance?
  • Can you define the energies for me?
  • What does it look like if you’re too much in the masculine, or the feminine?
  • How do you get back into balance?
  • What are the positive side effects of being in balance?
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