E292 - Erin Austin - Make Your Business Scalable and Saleable - Liz Theresa

E292 – Erin Austin – Make Your Business Scalable and Saleable

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E292 - Erin Austin - Make Your Business Scalable and Saleable


If you’re listening to this show, you’re going to die. Not right now, hopefully not – but someday!

It’s a bummer, I know – but not preparing for that is just plain wrong.

Estate planning doesn’t have to be hard, it just has to get done – and you can do it all with Dotchin Law.

Ashley Dotchin is the founder of Dotchin Law, a boutique estate planning law firm in Concord, Massachusetts, and she is probably the easiest person you can talk to about anything. You could start the conversation about Bridgerton – and after a few more minutes, you’ll have named your child’s guardians and be prepared for when or if bad things actually happen.

This is an ad, yes, but it’s also a heartfelt reminder, that you have the power RIGHT NOW to pass on your legacy. Whether you want to make sure your kids are OK or if you want to protect your assets, Ashley Dotchin is who I want you to be talking to. To learn more about Ashley and her services, please visit www.dotchinlaw.com and get started right away.

A graduate of Harvard Law School, Erin Austin is a strategic lawyer and consultant who uses her 25+ years of practicing law, including roles as COO and general counsel at large and small IP-driven companies, including Warner Brothers, Lionsgate (formerly known as Artisan), MGM, Teaching Strategies, and M3 USA Corp, to help founders of expertise-based firms build and protect saleable assets so that the business is ready to sell when the founder is ready to exit. Through her Hourly to Exit podcast and her consulting practice, Think Beyond IP, Erin guides businesses on the journey of transforming their unscalable income-generator into a saleable wealth building asset. Her special talent is helping businesses meet their growth goals through the creation of IP-based revenue streams. Erin is passionate about using her expertise to create an economy that works for everyone. In her spare time, Erin likes to clear brush on her farmette, search for the perfect gluten-free baguette (all leads are appreciated!) and work on her backhand.

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Show notes:

  • What do you do in your business?
  • What is IP in business? Is it more than trademarking your logo?
  • But what about service-based… what IP do we really have?
  • How can IP make us scalable?
  • How about saleable? Do we need to fire ourselves?
  • How do we find the Rembrandt in the attic?
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