E299 - Sarah Greener - Escape the Hamster Wheel - Liz Theresa

E299 – Sarah Greener – Escape the Hamster Wheel

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E299 - Sarah Greener - Escape the Hamster Wheel

Sarah Greener is passionate about businesses – mostly small ones. For the past 7 years, Sarah has been helping busy, stressed and overworked business owners transform their business and reignite the passion they had when they started out.

Growing up in a family that ran on business and a keen entrepreneurial spirit, gave Sarah a thorough grounding in the fundamentals. From there, she went on to own and run multiple businesses, in New Zealand and overseas. These ranged from retail through to e-commerce businesses, where she ran small to medium teams and dealt with the day to day operation. Each new business threw up different challenges as she thrived on the constant and never-ending improvement of each business.

Despite her natural business drive and knowledge, Sarah still made plenty of mistakes. But here’s the thing, there’s no learning or growth without mistakes. Eventually, she got caught up in the same game most business owners get into – where the passion they once felt for their business becomes all emotion and busy noise. She knows what it feels like to become overwhelmed by the ineffective activity of working in your business rather than on it, and she has helped many business owners exit that cycle.

Sarah enjoys providing actionable insights to audiences of all sizes to help them put into action immediate ways to strike that necessary balance and stop the overwhelm.

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Show notes:

  • What do you do in your business?
  • What do you think causes burnout?
  • What are some mistakes you made? What do you make of them?
  • How do we get out of our own way to make way for more success?
  • How can we get off the hamster wheel?
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