E31 - Sarah Li Cain - What's Your Money Story? - Liz Theresa
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E31 – Sarah Li Cain – What’s Your Money Story?

Sarah Li Cain is a financial storyteller who weaves practical tips and strategies into their work so that those trying to change their money mindset can see themselves in the starring role. She advocates that financial resilience is the key to a happy and productive life. You can find her over at highfivingdollars.com, where she’s either on camera answering reader questions or writing about how to love your money like you mean it.

Sarah’s links:

Show notes:

  • [3:40] Sarah’s background and how to be direct in business
  • [06:12] Insight into Sarah’s FREE email course!
  • [06:45] “To be successful in business and life, you have to do it in a way where you can connect with other people.”
  • [13:00] Sarah’s reason for starting her side hustle that turned into a business
  • [13:59] The job that Sarah had before Highfiving Dollars
  • [15:04] Her relationship with money
  • [16:47] How Sarah met her husband
  • [18:08] How Sarah put her course together
  • [20:22] Issues she’s had with her own money
  • [22:01] “Your money decisions don’t DEFINE who you are; they’re just a PART of who you are.”
  • [27:29] The mistake that she made in the beginning of her business
  • [30:17] Getting over money hurdles
  • [33:55] “It’s okay to let things go to grow.”
  • [41:50] Sarah’s last piece of advice for anyone wanting to start a business
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