E329 - Marla J Albertie - Let's Rethink "Bragging" - Liz Theresa

E329 – Marla J Albertie – Let’s Rethink “Bragging”

Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
E329 - Marla J Albertie - Let's Rethink "Bragging"

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Meet Marla J. Albertie, a dynamic visionary and Chief I/O Scientist at the helm of TruthSpeaksGroup LLC. Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, she finds joy in exploring new worlds through books, travel, and the occasional shopping spree. Marla’s wanderlust has led her on 11 unforgettable cruises.

Embracing life as a transformative journey, Marla challenges the notion of work-life balance, advocating instead for work-life integration and harmony. Through her multimedia coaching company, she empowers working women to uncover their truths and pave the way for success on their own terms. Marla’s mantra, #TeachTrainEducate, resonates with those seeking fulfillment in all aspects of life.

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Show Notes:

|00:00:49| Meet Marla J. Albertie, the advocate of work-life harmony, coaching both nine-to-fivers and entrepreneurs through her company, TruthSpeaksGroup LLC. Also, she runs a nonprofit called I O for Teens, empowering high schoolers with life skills.

|00:04:38| Marla shares insights on understanding kids’ behavior and the need for more support for teenagers through nonprofits.

|00:07:35| Discover Marla’s motivation for writing “The Ultimate Brag” book, aiming to help people overcome self-esteem issues and focus on their passions.

|00:11:16| Learn about Marla’s creative initiative to promote team accomplishments through a brag board at her company.

|00:14:28| Marla reflects on awards, shares her experiences, and emphasizes the importance of not solely relying on external validation.

|00:19:29| Marla urges individuals to prioritize what they love, make time for it, and avoid comparisons with others.

|00:21:38| Coaching is about belief, action, and progress, focusing on what can be done to move forward.

|00:25:07| Authors should concentrate on positive reviews and not get weighed down by negative ones.

|00:28:25| Embrace self-awareness for emotional intelligence, and don’t let negative opinions impact personal growth.

|00:34:03| Marla discusses the significance of self-awareness for personal and professional success, emphasizing the value of emotional intelligence.

|00:38:40| The coach’s role is essential, challenging clients to make genuine changes and commit to growth.

|00:41:16| Marla stands firm on her worth and raises her prices accordingly.

|00:44:43| Connect with Marla through her website, social media handles, and support her nonprofit, I O for Teens, to make a difference in teenagers’ lives.

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