E337 - Amber Wanner - Redefining Recruitment - Liz Theresa

E337 – Amber Wanner – Redefining Recruitment

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E337 - Amber Wanner - Redefining Recruitment


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Amber Wanner, CEO of Vette, has been working in Talent Acquisition and recruiting for over a decade and has studied the physics and psychology behind hiring and the impact Instant Human Connection and positive affirmations play in conversion and retention.
With her passion for technology and people, she founded Vette. Vette offers a one-click, human-to-human hiring experience that accelerates the hiring process by instantly connecting applicants with on-demand interviewers through (IHC) so applicants can speak to a human at any time of day/night/weekend when they are available.

Wanner developed Vette on a theory that if you can show an applicant they “matter” right in the “moment” of intent and continue to root for them along the hiring journey, applicant behavior would change. They will start to realize they have a purpose and start to show up.

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Show notes:

  • |00:01:36| Meet Amber, founder of Vette, a company empowering veterans and others in need through gig economy jobs.
  • |00:05:02| Vette uses Twilio tech for instant, anonymous phone interviews, prioritizing genuine connections between applicants and gig workers.
  • |00:08:31| SMS updates track applicants’ journeys, enhancing engagement and aiding employee retention efforts.
  • |00:09:50| Vette flips the job search script, prioritizing applicant needs, becoming the go-to referral platform, creating magical job matches.
  • |00:14:10| Veterans find income at Vette, supported by both large and small businesses, thanks to targeted ad spending.
  • |00:17:49| Amber advocates change, addressing high turnover by fostering value and motivation for frontline workers.
  • |00:22:35| Explore inspiring stories of care and protection, reflecting Vette’s mission for genuine human connections.
  • |00:24:00| Amber shares personal insights, standing strong amid challenges, emphasizing the importance of team and customer support.
  • |00:27:28| Gratitude to Amber for enriching our episode notes with valuable links, showcasing Vette’s impact and her dedication. Thank you, Amber, for your inspiring work.
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