E348 – Abingdon Mullin – Flying High: Empowering Women On and Off the Ground - Liz Theresa

E348 – Abingdon Mullin – Flying High: Empowering Women On and Off the Ground

Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
E348 – Abingdon Mullin – Flying High: Empowering Women On and Off the Ground


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Born in England and raised in California, Abingdon Mullin has a serious spirit for adventure and excitement. At the age of 14, she first took interest in aviation when her high school’s career center held a luncheon with two pilots who told her that you don’t have to join the military to learn how to fly, or work for an airline once you have learned. Her fascination grew and followed her through college and her service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa. By 22 years old, she couldn’t wait any longer and finally earned her private pilot certificate at Santa Monica Airport. To date, she has logged over 4,000 hours in over 80 different aircraft from a Piper Cub on floats to the Airbus 321.

She has carried her adventurous spirit to become the founder and CEO of Abingdon Co., the quality watch brand for women who do more. Launched by Mullin in 2007, the company was created to take on a watch market that predominantly serves the male consumer, and provide women with stylish, purpose-built watches designed to withstand all. In 2017, she continued to build on this legacy and started the Abingdon Foundation to influence, encourage, and embolden women in their pursuits of extraordinary lives through sponsorships, community outreach, and networking opportunities.

Mullin has also built a tight-knit community of Abingdon Co. Crew Members, a deep network of women with active lifestyles who work hard and play hard. Together, they leverage their expertise and knowledge to create innovative products that meet their professional and personal needs and have come to wear Abingdon watches as a symbol of empowerment.

Abingdon is an advocate for equality and representation. When she isn’t working or flying, you can catch her somewhere around the world scuba diving or racing cars.

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Show notes:

  • |01:50| Abingdon on paving the way for women’s watches.
  • |05:33| How becoming a pilot sparked inspiration.
  • |07:11| How often do you change your watch?
  • |11:59| What makes a “good” watch?
  • |14:45| Discussing schematics and suppliers.
  • |16:22| What inspired Abingdon to get started?
  • |19:40| How the hype began!
  • |23:18| Where can we find Abingdon watches and what’s next for Abingdon?
  • |26:22| What Abingdon learned in business.
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