E352 – Nikki Rausch – The Art of Asking - Liz Theresa

E352 – Nikki Rausch – The Art of Asking

Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa
E352 – Nikki Rausch – The Art of Asking

CEO of Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch has the unique ability to transform the misunderstood process of “selling”.

With 25+ years of selling experience, entrepreneurs and small business owners now hire Nikki to show them how to sell successfully and authentically.

Nikki has written 3 books, all available on Amazon and she has a podcast called Sales Maven which you can find on your favorite podcast platform!

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Show notes:

  • |09:23| Learning to engage clients for successful business interactions confidently.
  • |16:36|  Avoiding decision fatigue and making decisions easier.
  • |18:03| Identify objections, ask for the sale, and take action.
  • |21:45| The power of sales, poker, and decision-making.
  • |26:12| “Clients come and go, it’s normal.”
  • |27:37| Why it’s okay to release old beliefs and face your fears.
  • |35:04| The value of self-reflection.
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