E42 - Dana Redmond, BdBB Designs - 400 Sales in 3 Months - Liz Theresa

E42 – Dana Redmond, BdBB Designs – 400 Sales in 3 Months

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E42 - Dana Redmond, BdBB Designs - 400 Sales in 3 Months

BdBB Designs is the creation of a husband and wife team from the midwest. Meet Brock and Dana! Brock is a US Navy Veteran who served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan post-9/11. Dana is a civil litigation legal assistant. They welcomed their first child, a boy named Beckett, in October 2016. Three weeks after his arrival, Brock was laid off from his job. This meant that Dana had to return to her full-time job just three weeks after giving birth.

With Brock at home taking care of the new baby, they decided to take the plunge and see if he could be able to stay home full-time while Beckett grows up. Thus – BdBB Designs! The BdBB is a combination of all of their names – Brock, Dana, and Baby Beckett. BdBB Designs sells affordable, comfortable, custom baby onesies made by them right here in the USA.

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Show notes:

  • [2:58] – Dana shares her story in her own words.
  • [4:43] – Shocking statistics about their brief climb to Etsy success.
  • [6:38] – A typical day at BdBB Designs.
  • [8:45] – How to deal with the level of competition.
  • [9:15] – Using Marmalead to elevate your Etsy keyword game.
  • [11:40] – The word onesie is actually trademarked by Gerber. (Did you know this?)
  • [15:45] – Facebook ads experience.
  • [20:08] – How to reduce your shipping costs.
  • [23:36] – Customer service tips from Dana.
  • [27:26] – On being made in the USA.
  • [30:08] – Dana’s last words.
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