E47 - Jonathan David Lewis - Fixing Your Stalled, Stuck, and Stale Brand - Liz Theresa

E47 – Jonathan David Lewis – Fixing Your Stalled, Stuck, and Stale Brand

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E47 - Jonathan David Lewis - Fixing Your Stalled, Stuck, and Stale Brand

The author of Brand vs. Wild: Building Resilient Brands for Harsh Business Environments, Jonathan David Lewis is an engaging and authoritative speaker on shaping a brand that can survive—and thrive—in today’s tough, uncertain world.

As partner and strategy director at McKee Wallwork + Company, Jonathan led his firm to be recognized by industry purveyor Advertising Age as a national leader in branding and marketing, winning the Southwest Small Agency of the Year, national B2B Campaign of the Year, and national Best Places to Work awards.

A branding and business strategist, Jonathan honed his skills during the lean years of the Great Recession, helping brands navigate today’s unforgiving new business paradigms. Jonathan’s opinions are highly sought by numerous business and marketing publications, including Forbes, Digiday, and Advertising Age, where he explores the factors that lead to stalled growth and the principles proven to help companies navigate the ambiguities and dangers of the brand wilderness.

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Show notes:

  • [2:01] – Jonathan shares his story – and cites a time when his business incurred nearly a 100% turnover in a matter of a few years.
  • [3:28] – Survivalist psychology and business psychology. (Not so different.)
  • [9:05] – Stalled, stuck, and stale. Where this alliterative phrase came from.
  • [11:10] – The word brand and what it means.
  • [13:17] – The 7 factors that affect growth in businesses.
  • [16:56] – “The wild turns brands wild.”
  • [22:03] – “You are the most vulnerable when you are very successful.”
  • [23:21] – How to not overthink.
  • [28:42] – How to STOP walking in circles.
  • [30:42] – The 3 questions you need to ask yourself and your brand if your goal is to differentiate yourself.
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