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E52 – Josh Haynam – Get LOTS of Leads with Quizzes

Josh Haynam is the co-founder of Interact Quiz Builder, a tool used by more than 30,000 businesses including The American Red Cross, Tony Robbins, and Forbes. He’s probably seen more quizzes than any other human on earth right now.

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Show notes:

  • [2:23] – Josh introduces himself and tells his personal story to founding Interact.
  • [5:14] – That time he started a computer company in high school!
  • [6:47] – In 2007, he tried to work in a grocery store, but wasn’t hired due to the economic crisis.
  • [11:10] – Where he got his good phone skills.
  • [12:15] – Repetition makes you good at something.
  • [13:40] – That time Zagat used his software and quizzes to promote various travel destinations.
  • [16:33] – How he used guest blogging to spread the word for Interact.
  • [20:47] – Why quizzes? How do they help businesses?
  • [24:24] – Tips for entrepreneurs creating quizzes.
  • [28:57] – Tips for entrepreneurs doing their own giveaways.
  • [33:09] – Examples of giveaways for service or information oriented businesses.
  • [35:30] – His last words.
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