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E54 – Katie Hornor – Make Money With Your Blog

Katie Hornor speaks internationally at online business and educational events, and is the author of more than 40 self-published books and courses for children and adults.

As the founder of BloggingSuccessfully.com, and The Blog Connection, Katie coaches women to make a business of their hobby & attain freedom with online income stability (from anywhere).

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Show notes:

  • [2:10] – Katie’s journey (international journey) to launching her first business.
  • [5:05] – Her homeschooling businesses – why she created them and what they led her to.
  • [8:10] – Going fulltime with blogging income in 2014.
  • [9:30] – Her faith and her business – how her faith influences her life as an entrepreneur.
  • [11:30] – How she found her first coaching clients.
  • [13:05] – The success of using Facebook groups to convert warm leads into private clients.
  • [15:30] – Tips for maintaining engagement in your Facebook groups.
  • [19:19] – Launching her membership product.
  • [23:00] – If you’ve been asked a question three times, you know your people want the answer to that question AND you know you’re a trusted authority about that question.
  • [27:20] – Affiliate income tips!
  • [29:50] – Email marketing and relationship marketing.
  • [34:00] – Last words.
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