E55 - Thomai Dion - A Business With a Message - Liz Theresa

E55 – Thomai Dion – A Business With a Message

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E55 - Thomai Dion - A Business With a Message

Thomai Dion is a pharmacist by trade, mom of 2 and owner of a small business called “td the science mom”  where she promotes children’s STEM education through books and apparel that she creates – all of which can be found on her website: www.tdthesciencemom.com. (STEM = science, technology, engineering and mathematics.) Her professional background includes clinical practice as well as corporate business strategy and innovation. 

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Show notes:

  • [2:01] – Thomai shares the story of how science and art were both a part of her upbringing.
  • [8:43] – Her ability to make things – sew, and the link.
  • [10:10] – Selling on Etsy and self-publishing on Amazon.
  • [13:02] – Pros and cons of traditional publishing versus self-publishing.
  • [16:03] – Why she started TDtheScienceMom.com.
  • [19:08] – How well are you communicating your message?
  • [23:19] – How she balances motherhood and running her business.
  • [26:08] – Giving yourself credit.
  • [33:06] – Her success on Etsy thus far.
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