E57 - Whitney Nicely - Real Estate Investing: Not Just for Rich People - Liz Theresa

E57 – Whitney Nicely – Real Estate Investing: Not Just for Rich People

Whitney Nicely started her real estate investing career after selling dump trucks! She flipped her first property in 2009 and has been a machine ever since. She is a very successful real estate investor and highly sought after strategist who helps others create and boost their portfolios. She flips, flops, buys, and sells and she’s awesome at it! Whitney is also impressive because she empowers women to dive into the real estate investment world in order to take control of their lives and finances.

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Show notes:

  • [2:30] – Whitney shares her upbringing and her experience growing up with parents who invested in real estate.
  • [4:51] – What’s one of your favorite things about real estate?
  • [5:30] – “Mailbox Money”
  • [8:58] – Whitney started out by flipping couches.
  • [9:56] – People have to be good at making fast decisions.
  • [13:16] – Starting her Facebook group.
  • [15:58] – Who is REI for?
  • [20:18] – Her three books.
  • [21:41] – That time she made a bad investment.
  • [28:18] – Self-worth and the comparison trap.
  • [30:31] – Staying in your own lane.
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