E72 – Kelly Arias – A Business for New Moms - Liz Theresa

E72 – Kelly Arias – A Business for New Moms

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E72 – Kelly Arias – A Business for New Moms

Kelly Arias is the founder of nymomsupport.com offering post-partum doula services to new parents. It takes a village to raise a child and Kelly is here to help you find your village.

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Show notes:

  • [3:05] – Kelly shares her journey to her business, with roots dating all the way back to elementary school.
  • [5:30] – Her early struggles trying to find a teaching job.
  • [9:27] – “Things do not always go as planned.”
  • [12:00] – Other experiences in your life toughen you up and [this] prepares you for entrepreneurship.
  • [18:04] – “Motherhood is a CEO position, but you start entry-level.”
  • [22:45] – Kelly wishes there was someone (like her!) there for her when she was a new mom.
  • [25:40] – On asking for help.
  • [33:57] – The importance of finding your people, as well as the parallels between business and motherhood.
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