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E81 – Monica Louie – Creating Effective Facebook Ads

Monica Louie is a Facebook Ads Coach + Strategist who helps ambitious online entrepreneurs strengthen their impact and grow their profits by harnessing the power of Facebook ads. She’s also the creator of Flourish with Facebook Ads, a step-by-step Facebook ad system to help bloggers, coaches, and online experts create campaigns that convert!

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Show notes:

  • [3:00] – Where her Facebook ads business came from.
  • [6:30] – That time she paid off $100,000 in debt in 2 years.
  • [9:12] – Her first webinar CPC was THIS amount, which was considered exceptional by experts like Amy Porterfield.
  • [10:24] – “I didn’t wanna act like an expert.”
  • [11:24] – Selling her blog!
  • [14:01] – Monica originally wanted to be a financial advisor.
  • [15:54] – On positioning herself as an expert.
  • [16:33] – Shyness in real life.
  • [24:38] – On personal branding.
  • [30:25] – About her course, Flourish with Facebook Ads.
  • [36:00] – Her #1 Facebook Ads tip for entrepreneurs.
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