E84 - Kali Hawlk - The Truth About Entrepreneurial Mindset - Liz Theresa

E84 – Kali Hawlk – The Truth About Entrepreneurial Mindset

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E84 - Kali Hawlk - The Truth About Entrepreneurial Mindset

Kali Hawlk is a financial writer who focuses on teaching others about mindful living through intentional spending. In addition for writing educational content for Wells Fargo, RBC, Citibank, and others, Kali’s work has appeared on Business Insider, The Shriver Report, Investopedia, Credit Karma, and more. She also runs a marketing firm, Creative Advisor Marketing, that helps financial advisors across the country to create content for their financial planning firms. Kali has been featured on Mashable, Fast Company, Forbes, and was named one of US News’ and World Report’s 37 Personal Finance Experts to Follow on Twitter. She currently blogs at GoingBeyondWealth.com.

Show notes:

  • Writing and passion.
  • She credits her press to being aware of who to reach out to and bridging new connections.
  • “I realized from an early age that I didn’t know anything about money.”
  • Her upbringing.
  • “The more you think, plan, and talk about something means you’re less likely to do that same thing.”
  • Kali’s only regret… that’s also not quite a regret.
  • “They’re just thoughts and they don’t have to run your life.”
  • Her mindset struggle.
  • Vulnerability in social media and in blogging.
  • “If you have something to say, say it.”
  • “Know your audience.”

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