E85 - Kelly Roach - Sales Secrets You NEVER Even Thought Of - Liz Theresa

E85 – Kelly Roach – Sales Secrets You NEVER Even Thought Of

Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa
E85 - Kelly Roach - Sales Secrets You NEVER Even Thought Of

Kelly Roach is a former NFL cheerleader turned Fortune 500 Executive and now, CEO of Kelly Roach International. As someone who built her business on the side of her corporate job before taking it full time, Kelly then doubled her business when her daughter was an newborn and retired her husband at the same time. In addition to her entrepreneurial success, Kelly is also the host of top-rated podcast Unstoppable Success Radio and the author of the 11x International bestseller UNSTOPPABLE: 9 Principles for Unlimited Success in Business and in Life. She leads online coaching programs and offers private mentoring as well.

Show notes:

  • I always test myself and challenge myself to grow.
  • “Entrepreneurship is like a wild jungle. It’s for people who enjoy the hunt.”
  • Grew up living on the poverty line.
  • From a young age, Kelly always had three jobs.
  • “Your disadvantage is your greatest advantage in life.”
  • “When you’re in extreme pain or you’re up late at night, it’s a WARNING sign that you need a big change.”
  • [paraphrased] When you say you don’t know what to do, you actually do know what to do, but you don’t like it so you don’t do it.
  • “We stay in indecision because we lack the courage to change.”
  • How, when she started her business, she didn’t plan on dealing with mindset.
  • “Any no can be a yes.”
  • [paraphrased] Don’t wait until you hit your first milestone before hiring a team. Your team gets you to your first milestone.
  • Kelly shares some incredible client acquisition strategies.
  • It’s not a lack of resources that’s blocking you – it’s a lack of resourcefulness.
  • Decide on the action you want people to take. How can you get them to do it?

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