E88 - Linda Ugelow - How to Live Stream on Facebook, Fearlessly - Liz Theresa

E88 – Linda Ugelow – How to Live Stream on Facebook, Fearlessly

Linda Ugelow helps experts, authors and entrepreneurs, overcome the fear and anxiety of speaking online and on stage so they can build their brands, business and thought leadership. With her degree in Expressive Therapies, and 30 years performing experience, she’s been helping people get comfortable in their skin for decades. Although she used to be terrified of speaking publicly, she now delights in storytelling, has emceed a TEDx event and hosts a TV show/podcast, Women Inspired. She’s also been featured in Nylon, Body/Mind/Green, Inspired Coach, and Money Magazine.

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Show notes:

  • “I didn’t know I was an entrepreneur until about 5 years ago.”
  • Her experience in dance and homeschooling her child.
  • “I’m hiding behind my kale.”
  • She started using Periscope and discovered her constant lack of comfort with live streaming.
  • “I became my first client.”
  • Fear tells you you’re not safe.
  • “You shouldn’t do anything if it doesn’t feel in alignment with you.”
  • “Trust the process.”
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