E92 - Matt Javit - Leaving Your Job to Travel - Liz Theresa

E92 – Matt Javit – Leaving Your Job to Travel

Matt Javit is the founder of PassportJoy.com. He recently hit pause on his extraordinarily successful career to travel the world full-time with his wife.

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Show notes:

  • How he grew up as a child of someone in the military.
  • “I’m a big write-down-your-goals kind of guy.”
  • Made the decision to travel in March 2016 and started making choices to make it come true.
  • How he handled the prep financially.
  • “You feel so much better when you’re providing value in the world.”
  • On goal setting.
  • “The only book I brought with me is As a Man Thinketh.”
  • Our thoughts are what become our reality.
  • “We can become who we want to become. We just have to make the right decisions to get there.”


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