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E93 – Jordanna Cheifetz – Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Jordanna Cheifetz of JAC Digital is a marketing strategist who creates content and manages social media accounts. She also works with influencers to promote brands and helps influencers find brand deals. She bridges her knowledge of design and analytics into one company.

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Show notes:

  • How Jordanna works with brands on social media.
  • What is “Influencer Marketing”?
  • What’s your social media sweet spot?
  • How do you measure the impact you’re making for your clients?
  • What makes someone an “Influencer”?
  • You can’t become an influencer without a niche.
  • “Even if someone is offering you a lot of money, it’s not necessarily a good idea to take it.”
  • Pardon the dings of text messages pouring in – Jordanna’s a popular girl! 🙂 
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