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E95 – Erica Castner – How to Find Referral Partners + Get More Sales

For over two decades, Erica Castner has helped business owners and service providers improve their “word of mouth” marketing strategies to find, connect and convert more of their ideal clients. In addition to working with small business owners, Erica has had the privilege of working with (and for) nationally recognized brands such as: Lancome Cosmetics, Victoria’s Secret, Dress for Success and the Miss America Organization, just to name a few.

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Show notes:

  • Her dream job (when she was 16) was to work behind the Clinique makeup counter.
  • She grew to realize that sales were powered by what she called “personal marketing.”
  • “If you can be straightforward, people will connect with that more than something that’s simply ‘beautiful’.”
  • Stop being someone you’re not – ask questions! Be curious. Stay and show up real.
  • “I had to differentiate myself by building relationships and connecting deeply with people.”
  • “If you add something to someone else’s world, it comes back exponentially.”
  • Finding out who are the people talking to your ideal clients.
  • Her #1 tip to doing more work you love rather than just ‘work.’
  • What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?


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